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How does it work?

We run complex mathematic tasks and your computer will become part of our computing network. Our servers will give a work for your computer and your computer will send finished work back to us. You will get reward for each completed work part. To complete each work takes between few second to few minutes depending on you computer power.

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How do I get the money?

Collected points can be exchanged for USD and will be paid out via PayPal or other payment gateways. You can also choose one of the prizes and we'll deliver the prize to your address.

How much can I earn?

It depends which type of computer processor you have. Basically the high end hardware compute more work and you get paid more. Please test the application to see how many points you can get. You can also increase the "Intensity" of computing tasks to get more from your computer.
And the best thing is we give you your first 1 000 000 points just for signup.

Can I run MINEPRIZE on more computers?

Sure thing! The more computers do the work for you (us) the more points you receive. All points are collected directly to your account.

Can I run MINEPRIZE in more browsers / browser tabs on a single computer?

You should not do that because each browser/tab uses more system resources of your computer therefore you will earn less points at the end. The best way is to use one browser with one computing tab per computer and increase the "Intensity" of work.

Can I run MINEPRIZE on my tablet or smartphone?

We do not recommend that because intensive computing tasks can lead to device overheating and quick battery drain.

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