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You are rewarded for renting us your computer's computing power for a desired period of time.

When your start our computing application (a special webpage) your browser receives block of work to solve/compute from our servers. Your browser starts immediatelly to work on the received block. When the current block of work is solved it is sent back to our servers.

This work model is based on "Grid computing":

Grid computing is a computing model involving a distributed architecture of large numbers of computers connected to solve a complex problem. In the grid computing model, servers or personal computers run independent tasks and are loosely linked by the Internet or low-speed networks. Individual participants may allow some of their computer's processing time to be put at the service of a large problem. The largest grid computing project is SETI@home, in which individual computer owners volunteer some of their multitasking processing cycles (while concurrently still using their computer) to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project. This computer-intensive problem uses thousands of PCs to download and search radio telescope data. We use our grid for evaluation of complex laboratory tests.

You are rewarded with points for each solved block of work. Received points are accumulated on your Mineprize account and can be converted to USD, to the one of the prizes (see ) or can be converted to the popular cryptocurrencies like BitCoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

Create the account

Create your account here or if you already have an account log in here .
When you create the account you will receive sign up bonus $10 (1 000 000 points).

Start your work

After successful signup or login you will be redirected to your main account page.
Click on the green button "Start to work".
This will start computing application in your browser.

Getting the money

You are rewarded for renting us your computer's computing power for a desired period of time.

When your start computing application your browser receives block of work to solve from our servers. Then your browser starts immediatelly to compute the work. When the current block of work is solved it is sent back to our servers.
This type of work is called Distributed Computing (Wikipedia )

You are rewarded for each solved block in points. These points can be converted to USD, to the one of the prizes, see or to popular cryptocurrencies like BitCoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

Payout / Withdrawal / Prize delivery

The minimum payout is $100 (10 000 000 points). This means you need to reach at least 10 000 000 points to initiate payout process.
When you reach the payout treshold you can convert earned points to the USD / BTC / ETH and initiate payout process to your PayPal account (USD) or your BTC / ETH wallet.
In case of payout in cryptocurrencies the final amount is based on actual USD/BTC or USD/ETH market rate.

Get maximum from your work

Tips for speeding up the collection of points:

  1. Increase the "intensity" in the application to use more CPU power. This will use more paralel threads in your browser and could deliver more work in total.

  2. Turn off other programs or browser tabs that can use CPU power too. This will free up system resources and allow computing application use more computing power.

  3. Start the Mineprize on the other computers too. Simply log into your account on the other computer and start the computing application. Points from all computers will be collected to your main account.

  4. Join our affiliate program by propagating Mineprize through special URL address. When new user joins through your affiliate link you will get permanent commission of 10% from finished work of each of your users (affiliates). Just log into your account and copy the affiliate link (it looks like You can post this link to your social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. (Note: this should speed up collection of points pretty fast)

You can earn from few $ to thousands of dollars.

Your income depends on several things:

  • How powerful you computer processor (CPU) is - when you rent us a low end netbook you can't expect much earnings. On the other hand average notebook with i3/i5 processor can do a decent amount of work. The best are gaming computers as they usually have powerful CPU needed for playing the games.

  • How long you let the application running - the longer you let the application running the more points it could earn for you. You can leave the computer running over night. This might be the best practice how to earn more because during the night the computer can use as much as computing power it needs. Nobody is working on the computer so all the system resources are available for the computing application.

  • The regularity of running the application - don't forget to run the application each day.

  • On how many of your computers your application is running - you can run Mineprize on as many computers as you want. Just log into the Mineprize on each of this computer and start computing application there.

  • Have you joined the affiliate program? - Everybody has an account and friends/followers on social networks today. This is the perfect channel to let you friends know they can earn money too! And you will receive 10% lifetime commission from all their work. Just motivate them a little bit. This way can speed up collecting of your points dramatically. Simply log into your account and copy/paste the affiliate link (looks like to your Facebook, Twitter or other social network.

Mineprize is not limited in any way

From time to time we receive a question from new users if there are any limitations to the country of their origin. The answer is no. Everybody can join Mineprize and rent his/her computer for money.

The minimum payout is $100

When you reach $100 (10 000 000 points) you can start withdrawal process.

Please make sure you have entered valid payout informations in the Withdrawal Settings box in your account. Please double check entered details to avoid payout to the incorrect destinations.

Currently supported payout methods are: PayPal, Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum wallet.

Other ways of payout can be possible in the future. You can suggest the most used payment provider in your country.

Update 2017-11-27: We're integrating Payoneer and Perfect Money.

No you are not receiving any points when your computer is off

Please understand that you are renting your computer power to us simply by running the computing application (webpage) in your browser.

When you are not connected to the internet you cannot receive and send work from/to our servers so you cannot receive any points because you have not delivered any work.

The same situation is when your computer is switched off. It is simply not running so it cannot deliver any work to us.

Please have a look at FAQ called "How much I can earn?" on this page to get some ideas how to earn more points.

$1 (one dollar) equals to 100 000 points (one hundred thousands)

$10 (ten dollars) equals to 1 000 000 points (one million)

$100 (one hundred dollars) equals to 10 000 000 points (ten million)

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